3 reasons duty free shopping is worth it

3 reasons duty free shopping is worth it

For most travellers, tax-free is a deluxe conundrum wrapped up in discounted Swiss chocolate and soaked in duty-free vodka. Tax-free products are mostly sold within international airports, voyage ports, and borders. As the name suggests, tax-free shops usually sell without the confined import tax. For instance, by purchasing goods in a duty-free shop at Italy’s T Fondaco dei Tedeschi in Venice, you avoid paying the duty that Italy slaps on imported goods and that Italy’s normal stores customarily include as part of the product’s price. Duty-free shopping can enable you to access great and unimaginable offers on various products. There are plenty of reasons why you should be shopping in duty-free next time you travel, but today we talk about our favourite 3!

“Whether the topic is around a great deal, experience or accessing duty free to save a buck, we are aiming to be the passengers guide.”


1. Great deals

Duty-free shops are worthwhile since it implies a saving of between 5-25% on products dependent on the country where you have visited. Airports are fast becoming booming retail locations, just ask some of the biggest names in fashion. The best deals are on items such as alcohol and exclusive luxury items, which ordinarily attract high taxes or are unavailable outside the duty-free market. You may also find it worthwhile to shop in duty-free shops if you have some local currency left and would rather put it to use than exchange it for dollars. There are numerous impressive discounts on various products sold in duty-free stores.


2. Is it even real?

Quite often duty-free is all about accessing the items you cannot buy downtown. Think about your favourite sneakers or headphones when they have sold out, or that scarf and handbag that is never on sale because the high end fashion brands will never slap a sale sticker on it - no matter where in the world you at. Now, becoming a significant reason why people shop for duty-free, is that they know it is 100% authentic! In the digital space authenticity of brands and convenience are the emerging key drivers for today's consumer. The US Government Accountability Office found that 2 out of 5 of supposedly brand name products purchased online were counterfeits. The growing issue of counterfeit goods caused an estimated US$ 323 billion to the global economy in 2018.

3. Great experiences

The exceptional quality of the duty-free product and overall experience at most major airports is dramatically changing the expectations of passengers. Duty-free retailers are offering a depth and range of goods and product exclusives at a level that was previously unachievable. You only have to walk through the duty-free area next time you travel overseas to see the amazing displays and campaigns with the brands.

SkyBuys now takes this travel shopping process to the next level by connecting the passenger directly to the duty free stores and provides significant benefits to all involved. We want to help drive a digital solution that connects the consumer with the authentic product will therefore drive real value for the retailer and consumer alike.