7 Airports with the Best Amenities

7 Airports with the Best Amenities

Whereas travelling is basically about moving from point A to point B, there is no problem in having entertaining experience while travelling. Most airports around the globe are trying to make the expedition more exciting with state of the art restaurants, entertainment, and a whole lot of exceptional services. From golf courses and yoga rooms to rooftop swimming pools and breweries, airports are increasingly becoming attractions. Therefore, whether you have run into a flight delay or you have some free time before your next flight, here is a list of 7 airports with the best amenities that will keep you engaged while in transit.

Miami International Airport

Miami city is known for its vibrancy and being colourful. It is also part of the city’s Art in Public places program, which emphases on removing the local artists’ works from the galleries and displaying them as exhibitions and installations where more visitors and residents can view.

Travellers landing at Miami International Airport may admire and peruse the exceptional pieces in the airport. There are a few captivating murals, and travel-themed light panels within the terminals and the most favourite piece is Christopher Janney’s “Harmonic Convergence.”

Vancouver Airport

This airport was inspired with its Canadian setting in mind, integrating the city’s boonies into its vast amenities and décor. The airport terminals are characterised with an aquarium that is home to more than 5,000 sea species. With adequate seating space in the terminal, you can view the animals and the vegetation that runs through the airport. If you have enough time, consider taking a walk around Chester Johnson Park located just outside the global arrivals terminal.

San Francisco International Airport

This is the second busiest airport in California. With so many travellers to handle, the airport is the epitome of relaxation. There is also a 24-hour courtesy yoga room, pedicure and manicure parlour, and massage services. If you are more interested in some retail therapy, the airport has almost 100 stores that will keep you busy during your layover. There are many unique amenities to be found here.

Heathrow Airport

One of our favourite airports to travel to. If your route passes through London’s Heathrow Airport, there are nearly 100 stores running the breadth of the airport from memento shops to the world’s best stores. No wonder.

Heathrow is regarded as the world’s best airport for shopping. You can shop for all the world’s top brands here if you are interested in fashion and luxury jewellery.

Munich Airport

Munich city’s airport offers Bavarian delicacies with a brewery and a beer garden for the visitors to enjoy. The airport also holds several food bistros that serve genuine Bavarian cuisines along with other acclaimed cafeterias. During winter, the airport turns into a winter market complete with many vendors retailing local artistries and goods. There is also a playground and the Visitor’s Park.

Denver International Airport

Denver’s airport is ornamented with colourful frescoes, mosaic-tiled floors, and sculptures which are thought-provoking. Another special amenity, especially for children, is the underground train that transports the travellers between the airport’s terminals. Food-wise, there are eateries of all kinds, from Mexican cantinas and Ben and Jerry Ice Cream to Denver-themed sports bars and candy shops.

Singapore’s Changi Airport

This is the crème de la crème of extravagant travel hub. Besides the ordinary shopping venues and restaurants, Changi Airport brags of indoor nature tracks for the travellers to explore. There is a butterfly garden and three discrete lounges that contains a gymnasium and sauna services.

Of all the airports, this one boasts of movie theatres with free screenings in various languages. The airport offers an indoors children playground and an aviation gallery displaying the history of the airport.