7 Airports with the Best Amenities

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Whereas travelling is basically about moving from point A to point B, there is no problem in having entertaining experience while travelling. Most airports around the globe are trying to make the expedition more exciting with state of the art restaurants, entertainment, and a whole lot of exceptional services.

3 reasons duty free shopping is worth it


For most travellers, tax-free is a deluxe conundrum wrapped up in discounted Swiss chocolate and soaked in duty-free vodka. Tax-free products are mostly sold within international airports, voyage ports, and borders. As the name suggests, tax-free shops usually sell without the confined import tax.

10 Mistakes Travellers Should Avoid


Planning an overseas trip, especially if it is your first one, is a thrilling experience. It is more important to always prepare for your trip to avoid common mistakes people always do when travelling. Between voltage differences in different countries, visa requirements, and language barriers, preparing for an international trip requires more time and effort than the local getaways. Whether you are planning for your first abroad adventure or you just need a refresher, here are the top 10 mistakes that travellers should strive to avoid when going on a trip.

Making the Most of Duty Free When You Travel


If the thought of travelling or exploring the remarkable and wondrous world we live in does not leave you clamouring to plan your next adventure overseas, for the Shopaholics in us all, one of the valuable perks of travel is the idea of shopping in the duty free shops at airports. We are not merely talking about the savings that you can make through tax-free shopping at the airports. Do you know that you can also claim the tax components of the sales price when making purchases through your trip?

Hacking duty-free queues at the airport


Arriving in Sydney International Airport after flying in a tin can overnight is an exercise in fatigue. Then trying to negotiate through the crowds to buy duty-free is a sure way to turn frustration into anger. But now there is a hack, using an app, to bypass the duty-free checkout queues and get clean away before the immigration exits get too clogged with the walking bleary and weary. Simply buy online before you fly at any point in your journey, and collect on your way through when you travel.

How duty-free shops can tap into Mobile Wishlists


Airports can be flooded with passengers at particular times of the day, especially when they are faced with a slew of international arrivals. During these times, duty-free shops may find it challenging to maintain sufficient inventory as they contend with incoming crowds. But platforms such as SkyBuys seek to make that time of the day – and days overall – easier by providing an online-to-offline platform that allows consumers to browse selections from duty-free shops and create customized wish lists.