Travel Companies That Will Change the Way You View the World

Travel Companies That Will Change the Way You View the World

There are many travel companies in the world. However, not all the companies will change your interpretation of the world. One way travellers can make a progressive contribution to their travel destinations is by vacationing with a tour company that will make them have a different outlook on the local community.

Intrepid Travel

Intrepid is one of the first carbon-neutral travel companies as it has spent a whopping $3 million on local projects internationally and made a contribution of 100% of its profits from a period of trips to Nepal to assist in the rebuilding of communities after the earthquake that rocked the country in 2015. Also, it is the first tour operator to eliminate elephant rides from its trips to avoid violating animal rights.

G Adventures

This Canadian travel company works with NGOs and other social enterprises across the world through the Planeterra Foundation. It assists in developing local-based countryside tourism ventures and has a ripple effect score for every tour by assessing the percentage of income that remains in the local economy. In countries such as India, the company backs female-only drivers as a way to empower the local women economically.

Much Better Adventures

The company has an emphasis on short Europe expeditions and a strong responsible travel code. Much Better Adventures ensures at least 70% of the trip’s costs goes into the indigenous economy and other conservation ventures. Also, the company works with charities and NGOs that address climate change.

The Blue Yonder

This company from India has been spearheading intense travel in South Africa, Nepal, India, Sri Lanka, and Bhutan while ensuring optimum benefits for the locals. Its local initiatives vary from advocating for environmental conservation to encouraging travellers to visit nature trails. Its main selling tour is a 12 days trip in northern Kerala, beginning on the banks of the Nila, with tour guides who previously worked as illicit sand miners and visiting artisans who practice customary ways of martial art. The company promotes local talent.

Adventure Alternative

For more than two decades, this travel company has been constructing a universal network of responsible climbing and trekking companies, supervising treks up some of the world’s most breathtaking mountains. In its name, the alternative refers to the company’s business model, which means not subcontracting but fostering its own local operations, as well as running development projects via various NGOs to improve the locals’ livelihoods.

Better Places Travel

Until now, they work in Asia, Africa, and Latin America. This brand publishes the full impact of every trip, including experiences and accommodation. Also, it advises on the least ecologically degrading flight options and counterbalances every trip at its own cost while maximizing the positive impacts of each trip. This company ensures that it impacts the local communities positively by investing in initiatives that empower women and assist children. Also, it employs the locals as guides and drivers.

By using these travel companies, your views of the world will change for the better as you will be able to understand the local communities and their struggles.