Making the Most of Duty Free When You Travel

If the thought of travelling or exploring the remarkable and wondrous world we live in does not leave you clamouring to plan your next adventure overseas, for the Shopaholics in us all, one of the valuable perks of travel is the idea of shopping in the duty free shops at airports. We are not merely talking about the savings that you can make through tax-free shopping at the airports. Do you know that you can also claim the tax components of the sales price when making purchases through your trip?

For new and young travellers, duty-free shopping is usually met with a chorus of confusion and queries, but for a good reason. There are often rigid rules attached to the process, and these rules are different from one country to another. Therefore, unless you are a seasoned or frequent traveller, keeping up with these rules and information in order to make the most out these duty-free shops is no mean feat. To assist you in taking off the next leg of your overseas trip and getting some great duty free deals, we will make this process easier and seamless for you by giving you some crucial tips that you may use when travelling.


Save Time by Planning Ahead

You know you are travelling, so it’s time to start thinking about all those great deals on your journey! Like everything, if you want the best deal or best offer, you need to plan ahead. Here at SkyBuys we love a great deal when we travel, and we love it even more when everything is made so easy. So easy, that all we have to do is pick up our goods when we want to. We hate arriving at 6am at an airport and trying to find where the duty free is or queuing up and losing our place at the customs queue!

Knowledge is Power!

Decisions. Decisions. Decisions. Do you know your allowances or limits for each airport location? Do you know if you are allowed to carry that bottle of whisky through the security gate? It’s quite often a world of muddled information, and we have been on a mission to help change that for passengers.

We live in a world where one booking reference gives us all the information we need to make life easier. Understanding where you are flying to and if it’s through a transit stop-over helps you understand where the best location to do your duty-free shopping is. Sometimes that exclusive item can only be bought when you depart. Sometimes it’s worth having the product waiting for you to pick up when you come back from your journey. Creating convenience for the passenger is what SkyBuys strives to do and we start by bringing transparency to the passenger next time they travel.

Travel Smart

Arrive at the Airport Early

Are you usually rushed for time when you travel? One helpful (and obvious) tip we live by is arriving at the airport a few hours before boarding is ready. We make the most out of duty-free here by already pre-ordering our duty-free (after planning what we wanted weeks before departing!), which allows us and many travellers to skip all the queues at the airport. You’ll be amazed at how much more time you have at the airport, so you can roam the stores, relax at a bar or restaurant, or head straight to the lounge!